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Workbook Answers Of Abou Ben Adhem

Workbook Answers Of Abou Ben Adhem
Abou Ben Adhem

Extract I

(i). Who was Abou Ben Adhem? What is meant by "may his tribe increase"? What is the attitude of the narrator to Abou Ben Adhem?

Ans.  Abou Ben Adham was a ruler of Balkh. He lived a noble life. He dedicated his life to the service of his humanity. By 'may his tribe increase' the poet prays to God that men like Abou may increase. The narrator admires and respects Abou Ben Adhem. He also holds Abou in high esteem.

(ii). Explain the meaning of: "deep dream of peace". How could Abou have peace?

Ans. Abou was a man of clean conscious. He had no enemies. He was a saintly man, and so he always had a peaceful, and undisturbed sleep.The phrase "deep dream of peace" means a real peaceful dream or could also be a reference to a deep meditative state. He is at peace as he loves and serves his fellowmen.

(iii) Describe the effect of moonlight in Abou's room. Why is moonlight compared to a lily in bloom?

Ans. The bright silvery moonlight in Abou's room on a peaceful night had a magical effect. The room appeared rich and calm. The comparison is made to reflect the similarities between blossoming lily and the sparkling moonlight. The flower and the moonlight both are natural, beautiful, and pleasing to the eyes. They fill one with peace and are symbols of purity and radiance.

(iv) What does Abou Ben Adhem encounter upon awakening? Give the significance of the book of gold.

Ans. When Abou wakes up, he finds an angel writing something in "a book of gold".The "book of gold" is significant as it adds to the magical and supernatural quality of the poem. Moreover gold could also be a symbol of purity for the matter of the book. The book of gold refers to a heavenly book in which the good deeds of mortals are recorded.

(v) Briefly describe the second vision of Abou Ben Adhem. How does it reflect on the theme of the poem?

Ans. The angel visits Abou again with a "great awakening light". The angel shows him the names of those who had been blessed and loved by God, Abou Ben Adhem sees that his name appears at the top, ahead of others. This highlighted the theme of the poem, "Importance of Love for Mankind", that true worship and love towards God is to love your fellow human being.

Extract II

(i) What is referred to as the presence in the above extract? What does Abou say to the presence?

Ans. The presence in the above extract is referred to as the angel who woke up Abou from his "deep dream of peace".Abou asked the presence in his room, what was she writing in the golden book.

(ii) What is the vision referred to here? What does it raise its head?

Ans. The vision here refers to an Angel or could be Abou's supernatural vision. The vision raises its head to answer Abou's query about what was he writing in his book of gold.

(iii) What does the angel tell Abou Ben Adhem in the above extract?

Ans. The angel tells Abou that he is writing in his book, the names of those who loved the Lord.

(iv) What does Abou curiously ask the angel? What makes Abou low?

Ans. Abou curiously asks the angel if his name was written among those who love God.  The angel replied to him in negative which made Abou feel low.

(v)  Does Abou feel disheartened at the angel's reply? Which word tells you so? What does Abou request the angel to do?

Ans. No, Abou was not disheartened at all in the angel's reply that his name was not written on the list. Rather he was confident enough that he also deserved a place in the list for his love of man. That is why he made a polite request to the angel to write his name as the one who loves his fellow-men

Extract III

(i) What did the angel write? Describe what happened the night after the angel vanished.

Ans. The angle might have written Abou's name as the one who loves his fellow men. The angel wrote and vanished. The next night, the angel came again with a great amount of light and woke Abou. The angel showed him the names of those who had been blessed by God. Abou Ben Adhem saw that his name appeared on the top of the list ahead of others.

(ii) Briefly give a character sketch of Abou Ben Adhem.

Ans.  Abou Ben Adhem was a pure and simple man. He lived on humanistic ideals. Abou Ben Adhem was not strictly a religious man. He did not worship God. He is the epitome of the idea that when you love your fellow men, you become worthy to be blessed by God. Moreover, he was a positive man. On realizing that his name was not there on the list of men who love the Lord, he was not disheartened but cheerfully asked the angel to write his name as the one who loves his fellow men.

(iii) Explain the following lines:

a) It came again with a great wakening light

b) And lo! Ben Adhem's name led all the rest


[a]The line refers to the angel's second visit to Abou's room. His first visit filled Abou's room with moonlight and in the second time, his visit is accompanied by "a great wakening light".

[b]This is the last line of the poem. The angel appears the next night and with a new set of names of the people who have been blessed by God with Ben Adhem's name on the top of the list. The word 'lo' adds to the climax.

(iv)What did the angel show Abou? How can you look at the extract as the climax in the poem? 

Ans. The angel shows Abou the names of the people who had been blessed by God. The last four lines of the poem can be seen as the climax. The angel writes that Abou loves his fellow men and vanishes. To everybody's surprise, the angel appears again the next night and with a new set of names of the people who have been blessed by God. The word 'lo' adds to the climax. The poet says, "And lo! Ben Adhem's name led all the rest".

(v)  On the basis of the above extract, bring out the main theme of the poem.

Ans. The poem, Abou Ben Adhem, depicts that true devotion to God is found in love for one's neighbour. It is the only when you love your fellow men, you become worthy to be loved by God. The poem is a celebration of humanistic ideals. The poem brings out the message that love for one's fellow men matters greatly; those who love their fellow men, love God.

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