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Evergreen Workbook Answers Of All Summer In A Day

Evergreen Workbook Answers Of All Summer In A Day
All Summer In A Day - Evergreen Publication


Passage 1

(1) Margot described the sun as a penny. She also described it like a fire burning in the stone.

(ii) The children disliked Margot and taunted her. One of the boys started playing jokes with her.

(ili) The other children surged about her, caught her up and bore her back into a tunnel, a room or a closet. Here they slammed the door and locked her.

(iv) Margot pleaded with them, cried and asked them not to lock her in the room. She beat at the door wildly and threw herself against it.

(V) When the sun came out, it was the colour of flaming bronze. It was very large. The sky around it was a blazing blue tile colour, and the jungle burned with its light. 

Passage 2

(1) The children became very happy. Released from their spell, they rushed out, yelling into the springtime.

(il) The teacher warned the students not to go too far because they had only two hours to enjoy in the sunlight.

(iii) The children said that the sun was better than sun lamps. They took off their jackets to let the sunlight burn their arms.

(iv) Some of the children lay out on the jungle mattress. Others ran among the trees and played hide and seek and tag. But most of them squinted at the sun until the tears ran down their faces.

(v) They ran for an hour. They stopped running only when one of the girls wailed. 

Passage 3

(1) The girl held out her hand to the other children to show a huge single raindrop in her opened palm.

(ii) The children began to walk back when a few drops of rain fell on their cheeks. Their smile vanished away because the sun faded and a cold wind began to blow.

(iii) A boom of thunder startled the children. So they tumbled upon each other and ran.

(iv) The children stopped in the doorway and closed the door to escape the rain. They heard the gigantic sound of the rain falling in tons.

(V) One of the children remembered Margot and cried the name of Margot. She said that Margot was still in the closet where they had locked her. They stood as if someone had driven them, like so many stakes, into the floor. They looked at each other and then looked away.

Passage 4

(1) Their faces became pale and solemn because they painfully realized that now they wo be devoid of the sunlight for many years.

(ii) They looked at their hands and feet, faces down because they realized that they had committed a very bad action in locking Margot in. They regretted their mistake.

(iii) One of the girls reminded the children that they had locked Margot in. When no one moved she suggested them to go and bring her out of the room.

(iv) When it began to rain heavily, one of the girls reminded the other girls about Margot whom they had locked in the closet. But no one moved towards the closet to let Margot out. Then one girl asked the others to move on towards the closet and let Margot out.

(V) Margot had been hidden in a closet. The children unlocked the door of the closet and let Margot out

Passage 5

(1) The reminder that Margot was still in the closet where they had locked her startled her. 

(ii) When a cold wind began to blow, the children turned and started to go back towards the underground house.

(iii) They asked their teacher if the scientists were sure that the sun would rise that day.

(iv) One of the children i.e. Margot gave muffled cries because she had been locked forcibly in a room by the other children.

(V) They were nervous because they feared that their mischief of locking Margot in a room might not result in something disastrous.


ASSIGNMENT Develop the following hints into your own answers :

 1. Hints

  • nine years old children living on Venus 
  • seven years continuous rains 
  • prediction of the scientists on sunrise for a short time 
  • children having no memory of how the sun looks 
  • only Margot who has many memories of the sun 
  • in a depressed state of mind 
  • children dislike Margot 
  • sun appears when rain stops 
  • children in a cheerful and playful mood 
  • changes in weather, rain once again 
  • attitude towards Margot changes
  • sun-life giving for the landscape 

2. Hints

  • Margot, a thin, pale girl 
  • depressed without sun 
  • had lived in Ohio, until she was five 
  • has memories of the sun 
  • other children resented her, disliked her, locked her in a closet 
  • Margot refuse to participate in classroom activities 
  • sun appears, all children undergo a change
  • let Margot out of the closet 

3. Hints

  • appearance of the sun, significant 
  • children, passive physically and mentally
  • lack of sunlight dried their compassion 
  • spend some time in sunlight 
  • regain compassion, consideration for others 
  • the ending meaningful 
  • attitude of other children changes

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