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Evergreen Workbook Answers Of The Heart Of The Tree

Evergreen Workbook Answers Of The Heart Of The Tree
The Heart Of The Tree - Evergreen Publication

Comprehension (Unsolved Passages)

Passage 1

(1) The poet has described the tree as a friend of the sun and the sky. It is also described as a flag of free breeze. It looks like a beautiful tower.

(ii) The line which is repeated in the poem is - What does he plant who plants a tree? This is a rhetorical question which has been replied by the poet himself. It is only meant for emphasis

(iii) Planting a tree is quite valuable. It purifies air, provides cool shade and causes tender rain. It provides wood which gives us warmth. Those who plant trees leave a rich wealth for the coming generation.

(iv) A man who plants a tree today does immense good to the coming generation. The coming generation will harvest all the benefits of the tree from his generous act. It is in this sense that the tree is called the 'harvest of a coming age.

(V) A tree-planter plants beauty and joy. Trees make the surroundings beautiful. They provide shade and cause rain, thus filling our hearts with joy.

Passage 2

(1) A tree ensures cold shade for us in summer and tender rains in all seasons. A tree gives us seeds which sprout and buds which bloom into flowers in times to come. It establishes a link between our present and future.

(i) A tree planter does civic good by planting a tree. The tree benefits all the neighbours around. It saves the surroundings from pollution. It provides shade to the people in summer and protects them from the scorching heat of the sun.

(ill) The man plants a tree so that others can get food from its sap and leaves. He plants it out of love, thinking about the several benefits of planting trees for the society.

(iv) Yes, a nation's growth depends upon the wealth of trees. A tree has ecological, social and economic benefits. It saves us from pollution. It gives us seeds which sprout, and buds which bloom into flowers in times to come. It provides several other benefits to people.

(V) In our times forests are being decimated for building houses, roads and bridges. Trees seem to attract none. The poem, therefore, is relevant in our times because the poet draws our attention to what we do when we plant trees. He rightly says that one who plants a tree plants many things – beauty, peace, prosperity and good values.

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