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Distribution of Temperature, Rainfall, winds in Summer and Winter and factors affecting the climate of the area. Monsoon and its mechanism. Seasons: March to May – Summer; June to September – Monsoon; October to November - Retreating Monsoon. December to February – Winter.

Soil Resources 

 Types of soil (alluvial, black, red and laterite) distribution, composition and characteristics such as colour, texture, minerals and crops associated. 
 Soil Erosion – causes, prevention and conservation.

Natural Vegetation 

 Importance of forests. 
 Types of vegetation (tropical evergreen, tropical deciduous, tropical desert, littoral and mountain), distribution and correlation with their environment. 
 Forest conservation.

Water Resources 

 Sources (Surface water and ground water). 
 Need for conservation and conservation practices (Rain water harvesting and its importance). 
 Irrigation: Importance and methods.

Mineral and Energy Resources 

 Iron ore, Manganese, Copper, Bauxite – uses and their distribution. Conventional Sources: Coal, Petroleum, Natural gas (distribution, advantages and disadvantages).
 Hydel power (Bhakra Nangal Dam and Hirakud). 
 Non-conventional Sources: Solar, wind, tidal, geo-thermal, nuclear and bio-gas (generation and advantages).


 Indian Agriculture – importance, problems and reforms. 
 Types of farming in India: subsistence and commercial: shifting, intensive, extensive, plantation and mixed. 
 Agricultural seasons (rabi, kharif, zayad). 
 Climatic conditions, soil requirements, methods of cultivation, processing and distribution of the following crops: - rice, wheat, millets and pulses. - sugarcane, oilseeds (groundnut, mustard and soya bean). - cotton, jute, tea and coffee. 

Manufacturing Industries 

Importance and classification 
 Agro based Industry - Sugar, Textile (Cotton and Silk). 
 Mineral based Industry – Iron & Steel (TISCO, Bhilai, Rourkela, Vishakhapatnam) Petro Chemical and Electronics. 


Importance and Modes – Roadways, Railways, Airways and Waterways –- 
Advantages and disadvantages. 

Waste Management 

 Impact of waste accumulation - spoilage of landscape, pollution, health hazards, effect on terrestrial, aquatic (fresh water and marine) life. 
 Need for waste management. 
 Methods of safe disposal -segregation, dumping and composting. 
 Need and methods for reducing, reusing and recycling waste. 

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Natural Vegetation

Water Resources


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Agriculture in India

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