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Workbook Answers of Bonku Babu’s Friend || Treasure Chest : A Collection of Short Stories

Workbook Answers Of Bonku Babu’s Friend
Bonku Babu’s Friend

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Comprehension Passages 


(i) It was difficult for the students to imagine what Bonku Babu would say or do if he got cross. It was so because it had never happened i.e., Bonku had never lost his temper. 

(ii) The tradition of teasing Bonku Babu continued among the students even though the old batch of students was replaced by the new batch of students. 

(iii) Some students drew his cartoon on the blackboard; some others put glue on his chair, or they lit a chasing rocket and set it off behind Bonku Babu on the night of Kali Puja. 

(iv) Normally Bonku Babu did not get upset by the pranks of students, but on certain occasions he condemned the student with the words. “Shame on you, boys!” 

(v) Bonku Babu was a sheepish fellow who never lost his temper. Although the students teased him yet he kept his temper under control. 


(i) When the topic of ghosts came up Bonku Babu boldly declared that he was not afraid of ghosts. 

(ii) Bonku’s declaration that he was not afraid of ghosts gave the regulars a golden opportunity to put his boldness to test. They planned to send one man disguised as a ghost to frighten Bonku Babu. 

(iii) The lean, thin figure that attacked Bonku and landed on his back was actually one of the friends of the regulars. He had smeared black ink over itself to give the impression of being an apparition. It was done to frighten Bonku. 

(iv) Bonku could not recognise the man who was pretending to be an apparition because he had smeared black ink all over his body and his face. 

(v) Bonku Babu was injured as a result of this encounter with the apparition who had landed on his back. His neck ached for three days. Moreover in this encounter Bonku’s new Kurta was torn. It also had black stains all over. 


(i) Dirty jokes were played on Bonku Babu by his students. Someone drew his cartoon on the blackboard; some other one put glue on his chair. In the house of Sripati Babu the regulars played jokes on him. One of them pretended to be a ghost to frighten Bonku. 

(ii) Bonku Babu was afraid of Sripati Babu who was an influential lawyer. Bonku feared if he did not come his friend Sripati would mind it. So he came to these meetings. 

(iii) Bonku was so much afraid of Sripati Majumdar because the latter was an important man in the school committee and in the village. Bonku could not afford to annoy him at any cost. 

(iv) Bonku Babu tried to keep away from the group because all the regulars treated him disrespectfully. They humiliated him even without any provocation. This was too much for him. So he tried to stay away from the group. 


(i) Sripati Babu had said that if someone froma different planet came, he would certainly not land on this god forsaken place. Aliens are quite sensible. If an alien comes on land he would land in some western country. All agreed to it. 

(ii) He wanted to make Bonkua butt of ridicule. So he nudged Nidhu Babu and commented that the alien would certainly like to come to the place where there is a unique specimen like Bonku Babu. By nudging Nidhu Babu he got his silent support. 

(iii) No, he does not mean it. He speaks in ironical tone. He means the opposite of what he says. He implies that no alien would come to a place where a man like Bonku lives. 

(iv) According to Ram Karni Bonku would bea suitable creature for keeping in a museum or ina zoo. This comment is made to humiliate Bonku Babu. 

(v) Speakers participating in the discussion are mean fellows who have decided to target Bonku Babu for their humiliating remarks. They are taking undue advantage of simplicity and diffidence of Bonku Babu.


(i) Bonku Babu did not reply to these remarks because he was by nature gentle, cowardly and diffident. He did not want to use such derogatory words for anyone though he felt that all of them had their shortcomings. 

(ii) Bonku thought that Bhairav Chakravarty’s eyes were like those of a tortoise. Bhairav was talking in sucha tone but he himself deserved to be kept ina zoo. 

(iii) Bonku thought that a zoo could be filled up by transporting all the specimens of Sripati Babu because they had looks like those of animals. Sripati’s chin looked like that of a camel; Bhairav’s eyes were like the eyes of a tortoise. Nidhu looked like a rat, Ramkanai like a goat and Chandi looked like a fritter mouse. 

(iv) Bonku had come to the meeting, hoping to enjoy himself in the company of Sripati Babu and his friends. He had certainly not expected this type of humiliating treatment from them. He felt pained. 

(v) Ramkanai commented that it was a moonless night. Moreover it was saturday, very auspicious for ghosts and spooks. The comment was made to remind all the persons what had happened earlier when Bonku was attacked by a spook. This comment made everyone laugh. 


(i) The light referred to in the second line is the light which Bonku saw in the middle of the bamboo grove. Near a small pond, a large area was glowing with pink light. The light was coming from an object which looked like a glass bow] turned upside down. 

(ii) Bonku sawa dull light shining on every branch and every leaf. Down below, the area behind the pond was lit by a much stronger light. Bonku thought that fire had broken out but he was wrong as the light was still. 

(iii) The ground behind the pond was lit by a very strong pink light. It appeared that fire had broken out there. But it was not fire, it was the light coming from an object which looked like a big glass bow] turned upside down. 

(iv) Bonku’s ears began to ring because he heard a loud humming sound. It was a long steady noise which could not be stopped. Actually it was the sound coming from the strange object that had landed there. 

(v) Bonku Babu moved forward to have a better look at the object due to his curiosity. But suddenly he felt as if an electric current had passed through his body. He was rendered completely immobile.


(i) An alien came out of that strange object. First his head looking like a smooth ball, came out. Then came out the body of the alien. 

(ii) The alien appeared to be a weird creature. His arms and legs were surprisingly thin. Except his head, his body was covered with shiny, pink outfit. 

(iii) Instead of ears, the alien had tiny holes on each side of his head. 

(iv) On the face of the alien there were two holes, where there should have been a nose. He had a gaping hole instead of a mouth. His eyes were round and bright yellow. They seemed to be glowing in the dark. 

(v) After coming out of object, the alien spoke to Bonku in a strange language. Bonku could not understand what the strange creature had said and what it meant. The alien, observing that Bonku had not understood him, spoke in English. He asked Bonku who he was. 


(i) The strange creature had told Bonku that he was supposed to go to Pluto but his instruments were not working properly, so he had to land on the earth. 

(ii) The strange creature told Bonku that he was Ang from the planet Craneous. He added that he wasa far superior being than humans. 

(iii) Bonku was wonder struck when the creature said that he was a more superior being. Bonku wondered that he was only four feet tall and had thin limbs and weird face, still he claimed that he was superior to humans.

 (iv) The strange creature told Bonku that he knew 14000 languages whereas Bonku knew only three languages or more precisely two and a half. Thus he proved that he was superior to Bonku. 

(v) The strange creature i.e., the alien knew 14000 languages. There was no language in the solar system which he did not know. Moreover he told Bonku that he was 833 years old.

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