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Multiple Choice Questions 

1. Who among of the following was a good storyteller?

(a) Nidhu Babu.

(b) Bhairav Chakravarty.

(c) Bonku Babu

(d) Sripati Majumdar.

Answer: (c) Bonku Babu

2. Why does Bonku Babu say, "Shame on you boys!"?

(a) The boys teased Bonku Babu.

(b) The boys were fond of throwing stress to Bonku Babu.

(c) They abused him in the class.

(d) The boys insulted him in the class.

Answer: (a) The boys teased Bonku Babu.

3. Which of the following is correct about Bonku Babu?

(a) Bonku Babu was a prankster

(b) He was a storyteller.

(c) He was a bad tempered teacher

(d) He was a day-dreamer.

Answer: (b) He was a storyteller.

4. What is referred to as a "golden opportunity"?

(a) To scare Bonku Babu with a 'spook'.

(b) To find a tamarind tree to hang a spook.

(c) To find spaceships in the village.

(d) To meet an alien.

Answer: (a) To scare Bonku Babu with a 'spook'.

5. Besides his injured neck what harm did the spook do to Bonku Babu?

(a) He was attacked by a "spook".

(b) His new kurta was torn and black stains all over.

(c) He was forced to sing.

(d) His shoes were hidden.

Answer: (b) His new kurta was torn and black stains all over.

6. Why did Bonku Babu leave early that day?

(a) Everybody was hurling bitter remarks on him.

(b) He was in a hurry to correct the papers.

(c) He felt that it was not a congenial environment for him.

(d) He was very much shocked.

Answer: (a) Everybody was hurling bitter remarks on him.

7. What was Ramkanai's idea about "Saturday"?

(a) Saturday is week end.

(b) Saturday is inauspicious.

(c) Saturday is auspicious for ghosts and spooks.

(d) To avoid doing any good work on Saturday.

Answer: (c) Saturday is auspicious for ghosts and spooks.

8. Why was the silence eerie according to Bonku Babu?

(a) There was absolute silence.

(b) It was evening time.

(c) The animals were asleep.

(d) There was no light only a dull light shone on every branch.

Answer: (a) There was absolute silence.

9. Why was Bonku Babu feeling uncomfortable with the alien?

(a) The creature was unusually tall and had a weird face.

(b) Bonku Babu was afraid of him.

(c) The strange creature was examining Bonku Babu's arms and legs.

(d) He suspected the creature to be a ghost.

Answer: (a) The creature was unusually tall and had a weird face.

10. Why was Bonku Babu not able to move even an inch?

(a) Ang's pebble like object had made him immobile.

(b) He was froze at the sight of the spaceship.

(c) He was afraid of ghost.

(d) He was puzzled at the sight of Ang.

Answer: (a) Ang's pebble like object had made him immobile.

Section B: Context Questions

Extract I

"For the last twenty-two years, Bonku Babu had taught geography and Bengali at the Kankurgachhi Village Primary School. Every year, a new batch of students replaced the old one, but old or new, the tradition of teasing poor Bonku Babu continued among all the students."

(i) What in the extract shows that the students were teasing Bonku Babu for a long time?

Answer: The mention of "For the last twenty-two years" in the extract shows that the students had been teasing Bonku Babu for a long time.

(ii) What form of teasing was used by his students?

Answer: The students used various forms of teasing such as drawing his cartoon on the blackboard, putting glue on his chair, and lighting a chasing rocket behind him on the night of Kali Puja.

(iii) How did Banku Babu react to the teasing by the students?

Answer: Banku Babu remained calm and composed. He never got upset when teased by his students. Occasionally, he would say, "Shame on you boys!"

(iv) According to Bonku Babu, what made his life as a teacher worth living?

Answer: Teaching a handful of good boys and telling them tales about adventures made his life as a teacher worth living.

(v) Why did Bonku Babu put up with the teasing?

Answer: Bonku Babu put up with the teasing because he loved teaching and did not want to lose his job. He also enjoyed telling tales to a handful of good students.

Extract II

"Only the other day-less than two months ago-they were talking about ghosts. Usually, Bonku Babu kept his mouth shut. That day, for some unknown reason, he opened it and declared that he was not afraid of ghosts, that was all! But it was enough to offer a golden opportunity to the others. On his way back home later that night, Bonku Babu was attacked by a 'spook'."

(i) What made his associates arrange an attack on Bonku Babu by a 'spook'? How is it shown in the story that the attack was arranged by his associates?

Answer: Bonku Babu's declaration that he was not afraid of ghosts offered a golden opportunity to his associates to play a prank on him. It is shown in the story when they take advantage of his statement and arrange for someone to attack him disguised as a 'spook'.

(ii) Describe in your own words the attack by the 'spook'.

Answer: As Bonku Babu was returning home, a figure smeared in black ink, presumably one of his associates, jumped down from a tamarind tree and landed on his back, attempting to scare him as a ghost or 'spook'.

(iii) What happened to Bonku Babu as a result of the attack?

Answer: As a result of the attack, Bonku Babu was not frightened but he was injured. He had neck pain for three days, and his new kurta got torn and stained with black ink.

(iv) What was the favourable condition for the 'spook' to attack?

Answer: The night was dark and moonless, providing an ideal condition for the 'spook' to attack.

(v) Why did Bonku Babu attend the meeting despite the attack by the spook? If he were not to attend the meeting, what would happen? What does it show about the rural life in his area?

Answer: Despite the attack, Bonku Babu attended the meeting because Sripati Babu, the host, was an important person in the school committee and in the village. If he didn't attend, it might jeopardize his position as a teacher. It shows that in the rural life of his area, social relations and obligations were important, and people had to maintain them even if it meant enduring mockery and pranks.

Extract III

"That particular evening, Bonku Babu was the first to spot the strange light. Then he called Nidhu Babu and showed it to him. However, when he arrived at the meeting he found that Nidhu Babu had coolly claimed full credit for being the first person to see it, and was boasting a great deal about it. Bonku Babu said nothing."

(i) Why did Nidhu Babu say that he was the first person to spot the strange light? What does it show about his character?

Answer: Nidhu Babu claimed that he was the first person to spot the strange light to take credit and boast about it, even though it was Bonku Babu who had shown it to him. This shows that Nidhu Babu was self-centered and dishonest.

(ii) What does Bonku Babu's silence show about his character?

Answer: Bonku Babu's silence, despite knowing the truth, shows that he was a patient and non-confrontational person, choosing not to argue or create conflict.

(iii) Later, why did they change the topic of satellites?

Answer: The story suggests that the group changed the topic because they were more interested in making fun of Bonku Babu and diverting the conversation to more humorous and light-hearted subjects.

(iv) What did Ramkanai say about human achievement?

Answer: Ramkanai expressed skepticism about human achievements in space exploration, questioning the validity and significance of such endeavors.

(v) What is the prospect of a rocket landing in the village? Why? What was Bonku Babu's view on this?

Answer: The prospect of a rocket landing in the village was considered highly unlikely by the group because they believed their remote village was not significant enough for such an event. However, Bonku Babu, in a hypothetical situation, wondered aloud about the possibility, showing his curious and imaginative nature.

Extract IV

"Consider his looks, not to mention his brains... yes, Bunkum would be the ideal specimen!" "Right. Suitable for keeping in a museum. Or a zoo,” Ramkanai chipped in. Bonku Babu did not reply, but wondered silently: if anyone were to actually look for a specimen, weren't the others just as suitable? Look at Sripati Babu. His chin was so much like a camel's. And that Bhairav Chakravarty, his eyes were like the eyes of a tortoise. Nidhu Babu looked like a rat, Ramkanai like a goat, and Chandi Babu like a flittermouse. If a zoo really had to be filled up...! Tears sprang to his eyes."

(i) Why did he call Bonku Babu an 'ideal specimen' and for whom?

Answer: He called Bonku Babu an 'ideal specimen' in a mocking manner, suggesting that if aliens or any other beings were looking for a representative of the human race, Bonku Babu with his perceived peculiarities would be the perfect choice.

(ii) Why did he call him as 'Bunkum'? What does it show about his perception of Bonku Babu?

Answer: He called him 'Bunkum' as a play on Bonku Babu's name, but also to suggest that he was nonsensical or foolish. It shows his condescending and mocking perception of Bonku Babu.

(iii) Name three of his associates whom Bonku Babu says could be other specimens. What reason does he give for his choice?

Answer: Bonku Babu thinks of Sripati Babu, Bhairav Chakravarty, and Nidhu Babu as other potential specimens. He imagines Sripati Babu having a chin like a camel's, Bhairav Chakravarty having eyes like a tortoise, and Nidhu Babu resembling a rat.

(iv) Why did Bonku Babu wonder silently about his associates? What would have happened if he had spoken?

Answer: Bonku Babu wondered silently about his associates as a form of internal defense and to comfort himself amidst the mockery. If he had spoken aloud, it might have led to confrontations or further ridicule from the group.

(v) How did Bonku Babu reply each of his associates mentioned in the extract at the end of the story?

Answer: At the end of the story, after gaining confidence from his encounter with the alien, Bonku Babu confronts each of his associates with assertiveness and sarcasm, leaving them stunned and silenced.

Extract V

Puzzled, Bonku Babu walked another twenty yards, and then he suddenly saw the light. At first, he thought that a fire had broken out. Bang in the middle of Poncha Ghosh's the bamboo grove, in the clearing near a small pond, quite a large area was glowing pink. . A dull light shone on every branch and every leaf. Down below, the ground behind the pond was lit by a much stronger pink light.

(i) From where was Bonku Babu coming? Was he in a hurry that day?

Answer: Bonku Babu was coming from Sripati Babu's house. Yes, he was in a hurry that day because he had spotted a strange light and wanted to investigate it.

(ii) Describe what Bonku Babu saw in front of him?

Answer: Bonku Babu saw a large area in Poncha Ghosh's bamboo grove glowing pink. A dull light shone on every branch and leaf, and the ground behind a pond was lit by a much stronger pink light.

(iii) What made Bonku Babu think that fire had broken out in the area? How did he react?

Answer: The glowing pink light in the middle of the bamboo grove made Bonku Babu think that a fire had broken out. He was puzzled and walked further to investigate the source of the light.

(iv) Briefly describe the object that Bonku Babu saw.

Answer: Bonku Babu saw an object that looked like a giant glass bowl turned upside down, which covered the pond completely. This object was emitting a strong yet gentle pink light.

(v) Imagine yourself to be in Bonku Babu's place. What would you have done? Why?

Answer: [Answer can vary. Example: I would have been intrigued and approached cautiously to investigate the mysterious light. The curiosity would drive me to find out the source of such an unusual phenomenon.]

Extract VI

"I am Ang, from the planet Craneus. A far superior being than man." What! This creature, barely four feet tall, with such thin limbs and weird face, was superior to man? Bonku Babu nearly burst out laughing. Ang read his mind immediately. "There's no need to be so sceptical. I can prove it. How many languages do you know?"

(i) Who was Ang? Describe his appearance according to the extract.

Answer: Ang was an alien from the planet Craneus. According to the extract, he was a creature barely four feet tall, with very thin limbs and a weird face.

(ii) Why does he say he is superior to human beings?

Answer: He says he is superior to human beings because of his advanced knowledge, abilities, and the fact that he comes from a more advanced civilization.

(iii) What does Ang say about his knowledge of languages?

Answer: Ang mentions that he knows 14,000 languages, implying that his knowledge and understanding of languages is vast and far superior to that of humans.

(iv) How does Bonku Babu react when Ang greeted him?

Answer: Bonku Babu was initially taken aback and found it hard to believe that such a creature could be superior to humans. He nearly burst out laughing at the claim.

(v) Compare Ang and Bonku Babu.

Answer: Ang is an alien with superior knowledge and abilities, confident in his interactions, while Bonku Babu is a meek and mild human, initially sceptical of Ang's claims.

Extract VII

Bonku Babu peered through the glass, and felt all his hair rise. Could this be true? Could he really believe his eyes?  Before him stretched an endless expanse of snow, dotted with large hillocks, also covered with ice and snow. Above him, against a deep blue sky, all the colours of a rainbow were forming different patterns, changing every second. The Aurora Borealis! What was that? An igloo. There was a group of polar bears. Wait, there was another animal. A strange, peculiar creature...

(i) What did Bonku Babu think he wanted to see?
Answer: Bonku Babu wanted to see the North Pole.

(ii) What was 'the glass' who gave it to Bonku Babu? Why?
Answer: 'The glass' was a special instrument given to Bonku Babu by the alien, Ang. Ang gave it to him to allow Bonku Babu to see any place he longed for.

(iii) Which was the strange peculiar creature?
Answer: The strange, peculiar creature was possibly an Arctic animal not specifically identified in the given extract.

(iv) When Ang mentioned Brazil what was the first thought that came to Bonku Babu? 
Answer: When Ang mentioned Brazil, the first thought that came to Bonku Babu was about football.

(v) After watching through the tube for sometime, why could not Bonku Babu bear to watch anymore? 
Answer: Bonku Babu could not bear to watch anymore because the scenes were too overwhelming and intense for him.

Extract VIII

Look, I have been observing you. And I have examined your arms and legs. You belong to a much inferior species.  There is no doubt about that. However, as human beings go, you are not too bad. I mean, you are a good man. But you have a major fault. You are much too meek and mild. That is why you have made so little progress in life. You must always speak up against injustice, and protest if anyone hurts or insults you without any provocation. To take things quietly is wrong, not just for man, but for any creature anywhere. Anyway, it was nice to have met you although I wasn't really supposed to be here at this time. There's no point in wasting more time on your Earth. I had better go."

(i) According to Ang what was Bonku Babu's major fault? 
Answer: According to Ang, Bonku Babu's major fault was that he was much too meek and mild.

(ii) What did Ang advice Bonku Babu to do if anyone hurt him without any provocation?
Answer: Ang advised Bonku Babu to always speak up against injustice and to protest if anyone hurts or insults him without any provocation.

(iii) Why did Ang leave the place in a hurry?
Answer: Ang left the place in a hurry because he realized he wasn't supposed to be on Earth at that time and didn't want to waste more time there.

(iv) State whether Ang really existed or was a literary device to show one's selfconfidence.
Answer: Ang's existence is open to interpretation. In the context of the story, he existed, but he can also be seen as a literary device representing self-realization and self-confidence.

(v) How did Bonku Babu take Ang's advice? 
Answer: Bonku Babu took Ang's advice to heart, realizing his self-worth. As a result, he stood up against the people who bullied him with newfound confidence.

Project Work

1. Why did everyone tease Bonku Babu?
Everyone teased Bonku Babu because he was a calm and composed man who rarely showed any signs of annoyance or anger. His meek nature made him an easy target for ridicule. Both his students and his associates found joy in poking fun at him. The students drew cartoons of him, played pranks, and even though they respected him as a teacher, they never missed a chance to tease him. His associates, whom he met during the weekends, also took advantage of his patience and made him the butt of their jokes.

2. What did Bonku Babu see in the bamboo grove?
In the bamboo grove, Bonku Babu noticed a strange pink light. As he ventured closer, he saw an object that looked like a giant glass bowl turned upside down, covering the pond completely. This object emanated a strong yet gentle pink light. Upon further investigation, he discovered an alien from the spaceship.

3. What did Ang tell Bonku Babu about himself?
Ang, the alien from the planet Craneus, told Bonku Babu that he was a far superior being than humans. He informed Bonku Babu about his flaw of not being able to speak up against any injustice. Ang advised Bonku Babu to shed his timid nature, stand up for himself, and voice his concerns against any wrongdoings. This interaction made Bonku Babu realize his self-worth.

4. What happened at the meeting in Sripati Majumdar's house?
At the meeting in Sripati Majumdar's house, Bonku Babu, after his transformative encounter with the alien Ang, confronted all those who had bullied and teased him. With newfound confidence and sarcasm, he responded to their remarks, leaving them in shock. They couldn't believe the drastic change in Bonku Babu's demeanor. He walked out of the meeting with his head held high, leaving everyone stunned.

5. Why did Bonku Babu feel there was something strange about the night?
Bonku Babu felt there was something strange about the night because of the unusual silence. The crickets, which usually chirped, were silent. Additionally, there was a peculiar light shining on every branch and leaf, and the pond was illuminated by a stronger pink light. All these oddities hinted at something out of the ordinary.

6. How and where did Bonku Babu meet Ang? What was the impact of this meeting on Bonku Babu's life?
Bonku Babu met Ang near the pond in the bamboo grove, where Ang's spaceship had landed. The meeting was transformative for Bonku Babu. Ang's words made him realize his flaws and potential. Inspired by Ang's advice, Bonku Babu mustered the courage to confront his bullies, transforming from a docile teacher to a confident individual.

7. Who was Bonku Babu's true friend in the story? Why?
Bonku Babu's true friend in the story was Ang, the alien. Despite their brief interaction, Ang had a profound impact on Bonku Babu's life. Unlike others who ridiculed and belittled him, Ang recognized Bonku Babu's potential and made him aware of his flaws. Ang's advice enabled Bonku Babu to stand up against the wrongs done to him, making Ang his truest friend in the narrative.

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