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Workbook Answers of The Elevator || Treasure Chest : A Collection of Short Stories


1. The story 'The Elevator' is written by ...

    (a) Joseph Conrad

    (b) William Sleator

    (c) Katherine Mansfield

    (d) Stephen Leacock

    Answer: (b) William Sleator


2. The elevator could carry ... persons.

    (a) two

    (b) three

    (c) four

    (d) only one

    Answer: (b) three


3. Martin's father worked ...

    (a) in a factory

    (b) in an office

    (c) at home

    (d) in his fields

    Answer: (c) at home


4. Martin was a ... boy.

    (a) brave

    (b) skinny

    (c) fat

    (d) fearless

    Answer: (b) skinny


5. Martin lived on the ... floor

    (a) third

    (b) fourth

    (c) seventeenth

    (d) eighteenth

    Answer: (c) seventeenth


6. Martin first met the fat lady on the ... floor.

    (a) ninth

    (b) thirteenth

    (c) tenth

    (d) fourteenth

    Answer: (d) fourteenth


7. The fat lady looked at Martin ...

    (a) affectionately

    (b) scornfully

    (c) threateningly

    (d) closely

    Answer: (d) closely


8. The old lady was wearing a ... coat.

    (a) red

    (b) brown

    (c) green

    (d) black

    Answer: (c) green


9. What was Martin’s father doing when he was told about the fat lady?

    (a) watching television

    (b) speaking to someone on mobile

    (c) reading a book

    (d) talking to a friend

    Answer: (a) watching television


10. On which floor was Martin’s father going to meet Mrs Ullman?

     (a) 4th

     (b) 9th

     (c) 14th

     (d) 3rd

     Answer: (b) 9th


 Passage 1   

1.  What kind of apartment was it in which Martin and his father had shifted recently? 

   The apartment was in an old building, characterized by an old, small, and somewhat unreliable elevator.

2.  What made the boy uncomfortable in the elevator? 

   Martin was uncomfortable due to the elevator's poor lighting, dirty walls, and its small size which made it feel crowded.

3.  What kind of boy was Martin? 

   Martin was a thin, nervous twelve-year-old who was uncomfortable in small, enclosed spaces like elevators.

4.  How was the door of the elevator? 

   The elevator door never stayed open long enough and slammed shut with a loud clanging noise.

5.  Was it wrong with the boy or the elevator that made things worse? 

   It was a combination of both Martin's fear of elevators and the poor condition of the elevator that made things worse.

 Passage 2   

1.  Earlier, what did father get upset with Martin? 

   Martin's father was upset because Martin avoided using the elevator due to his fears.

2.  What kind of boy was Martin? 

   Martin was skinny, weak, not good at sports, and easily frightened.

3.  What was expected of Martin to reconcile with? 

   Martin was expected to reconcile with and overcome his fear of the elevator.

4.  Why did Martin take to the elevator although he was scared of it? 

   Martin took the elevator to try and confront his fears, influenced by his father's expectations and his experiences of being bullied at school.

5.  Was Martin a coward? 

   Martin was perceived as a coward by his father, but his fear of elevators was more indicative of anxiety and discomfort in confined spaces.

 Passage 3   

1.  What kind of lady was 'she'? 

   The lady was obese, wearing an old green coat that made her appear even larger.

2.  What is Martin's tone here in describing the lady's stature? 

   Martin's tone seems to be one of apprehension and slight fear, emphasizing the lady's imposing presence.

3.  What was Martin's state of mind when he confront the lady? 

   Martin was nervous, scared, and felt cornered and claustrophobic.

4.  On which floor did the lady step into the elevator? On which floor did she actually live? 

   She stepped into the elevator on the fourteenth floor. It’s unclear where she actually lived as she pressed different floor buttons at different times.

5.  How did the lady look at the boy in the elevator? 

   The lady stared at Martin intensely and continuously, which made him very uncomfortable.

 Passage 4   

1.  What was the lady’s behaviour while in the elevator with the boy? 

   The lady just watched Martin without any specific action, breathing loudly and maintaining an intense stare.

2.  Why couldn’t Martin run past the lady? 

   Martin couldn’t run past her due to the limited space in the elevator and the lady’s large size.

3.  What did the boy think of the lady in the elevator? 

   Martin was scared and perplexed by her behavior, thinking she might be crazy due to her continuous stare.

4.  Where did the lady live? 

   It’s not specified in the story where the lady lived.

5.  What time of the day was it then? How do you know? 

   It was morning, as Martin ran nearly all the way to school after this incident.

 Passage 5   

1.  What was the boy's question to which she nodded? 

   Martin asked the lady if she was going up.

2.  How did the woman look like? 

   The woman was fat, wearing a ballooned green coat, and had sharp blue eyes.

3.  What is surprising in the lady's pressing eighteen? 

   It was surprising because she previously pressed for the fourteenth floor, and it was unexpected for her to go to the eighteenth floor.

4.  Which floor do you think did the lady live on? 

   It is unclear which floor the lady lived on as she pressed different floor buttons.

5.  What makes the boy feel nervous in the elevator? 

   Martin feels nervous due to the small, poorly-maintained elevator and the lady’s intense stare.

 Passage 6   

1.  Why does the boy retort “I’m not afraid”? 

   Martin says this in response to his father’s accusation of him being afraid, trying to defend himself.

2.  What was the boy’s father trying to emphasize? 

   Martin's father was emphasizing the need for Martin to grow up, act bravely, and not be timid.

3.  How

 did Martin react to his father’s rebuke? 

   Martin felt upset and possibly misunderstood, as he didn’t view himself as being afraid.

4.  What does the extract tell about the relationship between the son and the father? 

   The relationship seems strained, with the father being critical and Martin feeling misunderstood and pressured.

5.  Later, what happens when the boy tries to avoid the lady? 

   In his attempt to avoid the lady, Martin falls down the stairs and breaks his leg.

 Passage 7   

1.  Why was the boy taken to hospital? 

   Martin was taken to the hospital because he fell down the stairs and broke his leg.

2.  How did the father feel about the boy's health? 

   The father was silent, disappointed, and angry, viewing Martin as a coward and a fool.

3.  What disability had the boy suffered and how? 

   Martin suffered a broken leg due to falling down the stairs.

4.  How could this disability give some relief to Martin? 

   This disability meant Martin could avoid using the elevator for some time, which was a source of fear for him.

5.  What advice was given to Martin by his doctor? 

   The doctor advised Martin to rest as much as possible.

 Passage 8   

1.  Why did the father not like Martin to visit the neighbour along with him? 

   The father wanted Martin to face his fears and be alone in the elevator.

2.  What was the father’s piece of advice to Martin? 

   The father advised Martin to grow up and not be afraid of being alone in the elevator.

3.  On which floor did the neighbour live? What was her name? 

   The neighbour, Mrs. Ullman, lived on the ninth floor.

4.  Where did the elevator stop and why? 

   The elevator stopped at the tenth floor, where the fat lady was waiting for Martin.

5.  What surprise awaited Martin in the elevator? How did the lady treat him there? 

   Martin was surprised by the fat lady waiting for him in the elevator. She entered quickly, laughed, and pressed the stop button.

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