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Workbook Answers of The Glove and the Lions || Treasure Chest : A Collection of Poems

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)


1. What kind of king was Francis?


   (a) cruel 

   (b) good-natured 

   (c) lusty 

   (d) wicked 


   Correct option: (b) good-natured


2. Who were in the galleries to watch the fight?


   (a) the king and his lords and ladies 

   (b) hunters 

   (c) the general people 

   (d) king and queens of distant lands 


   Correct option: (a) the king and his lords and ladies


3. What has distracted the king's attention from the lion fighting?


   (a) the charms of a girl 

   (b) the charms of a count's beloved 

   (c) noise of the audience 

   (d) the sense of insecurity 


   Correct option: (b) the charms of a count's beloved


4. How did the king react when he looked at De Lorge's beloved?


   (a) he smiled 

   (b) he sighed 

   (c) he laughed 

   (d) he frowned 


   Correct option: (b) he sighed


5. Which figure of speech is used in the line: "They bit, they glared, gave blows like beams..."


   (a) metaphor 

   (b) symbol 

   (c) simile 

   (d) oxymoron 


   Correct option: (c) simile


6. Which of these remained always the same in De Lorge's beloved?


   (a) her smiles 

   (b) her lips and eyes 

   (c) her mannerisms 

   (d) her dress 


   Correct option: (b) her lips and eyes


7. Which of these statements is NOT true?


   (a) De Lorge's beloved was vain and proud. 

   (b) De Lorge's beloved did not actually love him. 

   (c) De Lorge's beloved wanted to grab attention. 

   (d) King Francis got angry at the lady's action.


   Correct option: (b) De Lorge's beloved did not actually love him.


8. De Lorge's beloved seemed to have been struck by the king's...


   (a) grandeur and valour 

   (b) wisdom 

   (c) knowledge 

   (d) handsome body 


   Correct option: (a) grandeur and valour


9. How did De Lorge throw her lady's glove back to her?


   (a) with love 

   (b) with a smile 

   (c) frowningly 

   (d) in anger 


   Correct option: (d) in anger


10. By putting him to a dangerous test De Lorge's beloved...


   (a) proved her wisdom 

   (b) proved that she was vain 

   (c) proved that she was timid 

   (d) proved that she was unfaithful 


   Correct option: (b) proved that she was vain



Comprehension Passages




King Francis was a hearty king, and loved a royal sport, And one day as his lions fought, sat looking on the court; The nobles filled the benches, and the ladies in their pride, And 'mongst them sat the Count de Lorge, with one for whom he sighed: And truly 'twas a gallant thing to see that crowning show, Valour and love, and a king above, and the royal beasts below.


1. Where was the king sitting? What was going on?


   Answer: The king was sitting in the court, watching a royal sport, the fight between lions.


2. For whom did the king 'sigh,’ and why?


   Answer: The king sighed for the Count de Lorge's beloved, who was exceptionally beautiful.


3. Who are referred to as "valour and love"?


   Answer: "Valour and love" refer to the combination of bravery and affection exhibited in the context of the lion fight.


4. What picture of De Lorge's beloved has the poet given later in the context?


   Answer: The poet describes De Lorge's beloved as a beauteous lively dame with smiling lips and sharp bright eyes.


5. Why did De Lorge's beloved think of testing his valour?


   Answer: De Lorge's beloved thought of testing his valour to showcase his bravery and win admiration on the divine occasion with the king and nobles present.




Ramped and roared the lions, with horrid laughing jaws; They bit, they glared, gave blows like beams, a wind went with their paws; With wallowing might and stifled roar they rolled on one another; Till all the pit with sand and mane was in a thunderous smother; The bloody foam above the bars came whisking through the air; Said Francis then, "Faith, gentlemen, we're better here than there."


1. What kind of royal sport was in progress? Who were watching it?


   Answer: The royal sport in progress was the fight between lions. King Francis and his courtiers were watching it.


2. Who stole the heart of King Francis? In what state of mind was he?


   Answer: The Count de Lorge's beloved stole the heart of King Francis. He was enamoured and sighed while watching the lion fight.


3. Briefly describe the lion's fight.


   Answer: The lions ramped and roared with horrid laughing jaws, biting, glaring, and giving blows like beams. They rolled on one another with wallowing might and stifled roar, creating a thunderous smother in the pit. Bloody foam whisked through the air above the bars.


4. What did the air carry afar? What did it reveal?


   Answer: The air carried the bloody foam afar, revealing the intense and brutal nature of the lion fight.


5. Comment on the king's remark. Who was attracted by his comment?


   Answer: King Francis remarked that they were better off watching from a distance than being in the pit. His remark attracted De Lorge's beloved, who overheard it and decided to test her lover's valour.




De Lorge's love o' erheard the King, a beauteous lively dame With smiling lips and sharp bright eyes, which always seemed the same; She thought, the Count my lover is brave as brave can be; He surely would do wondrous things to show his love of me; King, ladies, lovers, all look on; the occasion is divine; I'll drop my glove, to prove his love; great glory will be mine.


1. What kind of show was witnessed by the king and his courtiers? What had distracted the king's attention?


   Answer: The king and his courtiers witnessed a show of lion fighting. The king's attention was distracted by the charms of the Count de Lorge's beloved.


2. What did De Lorge's beloved think about him? What was she sure of?


   Answer: De Lorge's beloved thought that he was as brave as could be, and she was sure he would do wondrous things to show his love for her.


3. What thought struck her? What was her real intention?


   Answer: The thought of dropping her glove to prove De Lorge's love struck her. Her real intention was to grab attention and gain glory on the divine occasion.


4. What happened when the lady threw her glove into the pit and smiled at her lover?


   Answer: De Lorge jumped into the pit, retrieved the glove swiftly, and threw it at the lady's face. He left the arena, understanding that the lady's action was driven by vanity.




She dropped her glove, to prove his love, then looked at him and smiled; He bowed, and in a moment leaped among the lions wild: The leap was quick, return was quick, he has regained his place, Then threw the glove, but not with love, right in the lady's face. "By God!" said Francis, "rightly done!" and he rose from where he sat: "No love," quoth he, "but vanity, sets love a task like that."


1. Who were watching the lion fight? How was the fight progressing?


   Answer: The king and his courtiers were watching the lion fight. The fight was progressing with intense and ferocious actions among the lions.


2. What idea struck De Lorge's beloved? How did she put it into practice?


   Answer: The idea of testing De Lorge's valour struck his beloved. She dropped her glove into the pit to prove his love, hoping to gain glory and attention.


3. What could have happened to De Lorge?


   Answer: De Lorge could have been in danger while jumping into the pit among the wild lions.


4. What was De Lorge's reaction when he came back safe from the pit?


   Answer: De Lorge, after coming back safe from the pit, threw the glove at the lady's face in anger and left the arena.


5. What did no one else but De Lorge understand at the end?


   Answer: De Lorge understood that the lady's action was driven by vanity, not love. He realized that no true lover would set such a dangerous task.

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